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How Does Sona Add Value?

Tax Planning Includes:

3-Lane Value Proposition

Do you have a single-lane advisor?

Every client’s financial journey is unique. Sona’s goal is to make this journey well-balanced and purposeful by aligning the client's resources with their needs, values, and goals.

To do this, we don't stick to just one lane of your complex financial road like most advisors; we use all three.

The goal should not be to just defer taxes but to pay less lifetime tax -- at least be aware of the tradeoffs. This can't be done unless you combine tax management with investment management and financial planning.

3-Lane Risk Planning Value Proposition, represented by a graphic of 3 lanes of a highway.


Ongoing Investment Management

Including 401(k)s, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRA's, 529 Plans, and non-qualified accounts.


Financial & Retirement Planning

The process of determining how best an individual or family can meet their goals through the proper management of financial resources. Including making the most of Social Security and Medicare.


Tax Management & Retirement Distribution Planning

Including IRA and Pension Distribution and Legacy and Estate Planning

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