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Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

You Don't Have To Have An Expensive Charitable Foundation Or Trust To Do Good &
Save Money On Taxes

We partner with American Endowment Foundation (AEF) to make setting up and
funding your own DAF fast and easy!

Mark Struthers CFA CFP

Why have Sona and AEF manage your DAF?

  • Sona handles most of the paperwork
  • Sona handles the gifting of appreciated stock or cash from TD Ameritrade accounts

  • Sona makes sure the proper tax deduction is given

  • TD Ameritrade account automatically opened with AEF application

  • Sona tailors your DAF investments to match your gifting goals

  • Sona can help brainstorm names for your DAF fund (Mark’s family uses the name of their dog to keep the donations private)

Who could benefit from a DAF?

A  AEF Donor Advised Fund (DAF) can be a solution for those who:

  • Have charitable intent and have been or will be active donors.

  • Want their advisor to have added flexibility in managing their philanthropic assets

  • Have high income and want to set aside money for future gifting when income is less.

  • Are approaching retirement, or who want to establish a fund while young.

  • Want to manage and track their giving in a simple and more organized way.

  • Desire or already have a private foundation but do not like its complexity or cost.

  • Want to be able to give anonymously to certain charities.

  • Need charitable deduction now but needs time to decide which charities to support.

  • Plan to sell a business or anticipate a liquidity event.

  • May want to sell assets such as real estate and other alternative investments.

  • Cannot easily determine cost basis of assets that they or advisor want to sell.

  • Strive to minimize taxes and receive biggest deduction when selling assets.

  • Have fluctuating income that makes it difficult to maintain a steady level of giving.

  • Want to engage family members in charitable giving to pass on family values.

  • Want to donate to charities throughout their lifetime or in perpetuity.

  • Question how best to support several charities through sale of one asset.

More helpful videos on the benefits of Donor Advised Funds with AEF and Sona