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Every client’s financial journey is unique. Sona’s goal is to make this journey well-balanced and purposeful by aligning the client's resources with their needs, values, and goals.

"When they say well-balanced, they mean it; our advisor knew where we came from when balancing family and career. They helped us prioritize tasks addressing some right away and putting others on the back burner and coaching us through the process."
Dan C

Step #1. Say Hello!

We take a personalized approach to our financial planning process. We start by getting to know each other a little. You share your financial goals and aspirations, and if Sona seems like a good fit, we schedule a Discovery meeting. This initial meeting is brief, like having a coffee.

Financial PlanningStep #2. Get to know us!

The Discovery Meeting is not a sales pitch! It is like having a lunch. We get to know each other better and dive deeper into our financial planning and investing process. We use your real-life data to show how we put all your financial pieces together. 

Step #3. Start Planning! A 3-Step Process. (3 Is A Magic Number! – #schoolhouserock)

If it looks like we would provide massive value to your financial life, we describe the data gathering and simple onboarding process at the end of the Discovery Meeting. Data gathering and the initial plan are completed within 2-3 months for one-time clients.

The Sona Financial Planning Process

Meeting #1. Get Organized & Brainstorm.

We walk through the planning software in more detail, helping you navigate so we can quickly and securely gather the needed information. We also provide initial thoughts and start to help you brainstorm goals and get a vision of retirement. 

Meeting #2. Explore Possibilities.

With the data gathering complete, we explore possibilities. We expand on and firm up your goals. We are often able to provide initial immediate (“wins”) recommendations. This back-and-forth helps clarify where you want and are able to go and gives us what we need to put together the initial plan.

Meeting #3. Initial Financial Plan & Recommendations. 

We give clear instructions and an executive summary for ongoing and one-time clients. We provide a checklist with recommendations regarding employee benefits, account types, tax planning, investment analysis, insurance recommendations, and estate planning tips. You will have an investment policy statement (IPS), a risk number, and a narrative that will act as your constitution. A report produced from the financial planning software will also provide cash flow projections, scenarios, and guidance. 

Step #4. Implement Your Plan. 

For the one-time DIYer, we offer an hourly option after the 3-month engagement. For ongoing clients, we proactively provide guidance. Each meeting is followed by an email with a summary and to-dos. Automated reminders are used for those who need them. 

Step #5. Enjoy Your Financial Success With Clarity & Confidence!

With expert guidance and a professional plan, enjoy peace of mind and control over your finances. Quarterly check-ins and biannual meetings help coach and keep you on track for ongoing clients, providing additional confidence and clarity. 

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