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Equity Compensation Analysis, Minnesota

As our clients know, Sona means well-balanced happiness in Gaelic. Not understanding your equity compensation can throw your financial life out of balance, leading to a lower net worth. We will provide clarity giving you a clear strategy to leverage your equity-based assets. 

Every client’s financial journey is unique. Sona’s goal is to make this journey well-balanced and purposeful by aligning the client's resources with their needs, values, and goals.

Equity Compensation Problems

  • They are complex and strange
  • Taxes!
  • Concentration risk
  • Managing upside
  • No integration with financial plan
  • Cash flow management
  • What if I leave the company?
  • When do I exercise to maximize value?

Sona Solutions

  •  We help you understand what you have and how they work.
  •  We model exercise and vesting scenarios to make the most of current and future taxes. 
  • We integrate your equity comp cash flow into the rest of your financial plan — all your assets working together to meet your goals.
  • We help you balance concentration risk with your desire to grow assets.
  • We are experts at valuing your equity comp, whether for a job change or severance negotiation. We give you your Negotiating Number.

We Are Experts In

  • Non-Qualified Stock Options
  •  Incentive Stock Options
  • Restrictive Stock Units & Awards
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Stock Appreciation Rights
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) issues