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SMA Accounts & Direct Indexing

We Partner With Dimensional Funds To
Provide SMA & Direct Indexing Services

What Can SMAs Do For You?

  • Tax Loss Harvesting
    • Harvesting losses at the individual security level can add control, flexibility, and better after-tax returns.
  • Too Much Exposure To Employer Stock
    • Individual company and sector concentration risk can come from equity compensation, employee stock purchase plans, and the personal investment an investor makes in their company. SMAs not only allow for tax-friendly diversification, they also have the ability to screen out sector and industry risk.
  • Diversification
    • A broadly diversified strategy with a systematic focus on higher expected returns can improve investment outcomes over the long term. Use of an SMA can make the deconcentration process tax-friendly.
  • Values-Based Investing – ESG & SRI
    • SMAs offer the ability to screen out individual companies or sectors to align an investor’s portfolio with their values.

What makes working with Dimensional Funds & Sona different?

  • Holding more securities gives you more tax-loss opportunities while still pursuing higher returns.

  • Scanning positions for opportunities daily, not monthly or quarterly, provides a better chance of increased tax-adjusted returns.

  • Not being tied to an index provides more flexibility in finding tax and return opportunities.

  • Having a CFA guide and monitor your SMA increases the probability of success.

DFA's 0.29% fee is separate from Sona's
advisory fee

$500,000 Minimum Per Taxable Account

Mark Struthers CFA CFP