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Luck & Retirement – Retiring Before A Lost Decade

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Could retiring in the 2020s be as bad as retiring in the late 60s? Now is a scary time for retirees.

Mark reviews a Barron’s article about sequence-of-return risk and the luck (or bad luck) of retiring before a bad stretch of stock and/or bond market returns.

Mark expands on how the 4% rule relates to some of the article’s observations. While equities are critical for the inflation adjustment to work on withdrawals, putting some thought into your emergency fund and the increased use of bonds can help weather a bad-decade storm. Some other solutions Mark touches on:

  • Have more assets at retirement
  • Be flexible with spending – change lifestyle if a bad stretch happens
  • Larger emergency fund – comfort cash
  • Dividends and interest going to cash
  • Overweight bonds early in retirement
    • A bond tent
      • Increasing from 40%-70% from age 55-56
      • Decreasing from 70%-40% from age 65-80
  • Use of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPs

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Mark Struthers
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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