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How To Use These Binders

We Minnesotans are a hardy, resourceful people. But even we need a little help during tough times. Being taken away from your loved ones, even temporarily, can cause a lot of stress for them, especially if they have to search and hunt for statements and paperwork or guess at your wishes.

Having easy access to the right tools and resources can free up time and reduce stress, allowing loved ones to grieve and remember or wait for your return.

We have created 3 Binders based on topics, privacy, and need of access. It may be useful to combine some binders or use these forms as a guide for your own organization system.

Binder #1 is semi-private and designed to have close at hand for babysitters or caregivers. It contains items like emergency phone numbers and the kids’ medical information. This binder is usually kept in the kitchen.

Binder #2 is very private but needs to be accessed frequently by you or your family. It contains items like recurring bills, financial accounts, personal adult medical information, a healthcare directive and important personal documents. This binder is usually kept in a secure place like a home office.

Binder #3 is very very private and is for your family or heirs after your death. It contains your post-death instructions and documents. This binder is usually kept in a home safe or safe deposit box since it could be used for identity theft.

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