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Estate Planning Includes:

Estate Planning Includes:

The Value of a Not Having Loved Ones
"Guessing At Your Wishes"

As our clients know, Sona means well-balanced happiness in Gaelic. To be well-balanced, you need to be confident that your wishes are carried on after you are gone. Everyone has an estate plan. If your plan is not written down, your plan is whatever the state decides it is.

For a financial plan to be effective, establishing an estate plan and integrating it into your financial plan is critical to make sure all of your financial pieces are working toward your financial goals.

While we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice, we do partner with attorneys and help guide you through the estate planning process. This concierge-type support on how and when you may need legal advice is available for ongoing AUM or subscription clients. We are happy to partner with your full-service attorney, or recommend one in the Minneapolis area. We can also tap our nationwide network of fee-only planners to get a recommended attorney in your area.

3-Lane Value Proposition

3-Lane Risk Planning Value Proposition, represented by a graphic of 3 lanes of a highway.


Ongoing Investment Management

Including 401(k)s, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRA's, 529 Plans, and non-qualified accounts.


Financial, Estate & Retirement Planning

The process of determining how best an individual or family can meet their goals through the proper management of financial resources. Including, making the most of Social Security and Medicare.


Estate Tax Management & Retirement Distribution Planning

Including IRA and Pension Distributions and Legacy and Estate Planning

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