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Comprehensive and ongoing financial planning that focuses on process, not product, for your long-term future. Sona Wealth will cover all aspects of your financial picture from investments to tax planning.

Learn more about our comprehensive financial planning and investment management fee structures below.

Every client’s financial journey is unique. Sona’s goal is to make this journey well-balanced and purposeful by aligning the client's resources with their needs, values, and goals.

Financial Planning is the process of determining how best an individual or family can meet their goals through the proper management of financial resources. The Sona Advisor uses the five-step process below to help make the client’s financial journal purposeful and get them to their financial happy place sooner.

  • Unlimited access to a Certified Financial Planner professional, CFP®

  • Personalized balance sheet and cash flow statements

  • Retirement projection

  • Continuing investing and cash flow education

  • Investment review

  • Unlimited emails and phone calls throughout the year

  • Insurance review

  • Estate planning analysis

  • Unlimited access to a Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA

  • Risk assessment

  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement

  • Investment management on the TD Ameritrade &  Betterment Platforms

  • Guidance on managing assets not held with Sona Wealth

  • Minimum of $250,000

Ongoing Investment Management We are dedicated to understanding your investment priorities. We start by identifying your goals and assessing your risk tolerance to gain knowledge of your full financial picture. Through these findings we will construct and manage your portfolio. 


All-in-one fee for investment management and on-going financial planning with full access to your CFA and CFP®.



Retirement Planning

We all strive to reach our labor-independence date, a date when if we work, it’s by choice, not necessity. When we get past the age of 45, we are closer to the end of our careers than the start. Are you ready? Our retirement projection process will increase the probability that you will get to your happy place sooner.  

Cash Flow & Debt Management

Cash flow seems easy enough, but few have a system in place to manage it and it’s easy to lose control. This is even more true of debt. Families often have a greater ability to manage debt and investments than they think. Having a process in place will help you make the most of what you have and get to your happy place sooner.


As fee-only advisors, we can’t sell insurance, but we can give an unbiased, conflict-of-interest free opinion. This is the only way to make sure the insurance is right for your family and your financial journey.

Estate Planning

Are your wishes known? If something happens to you, will your family be taken care of? Who gets custody of the kids? What happens to the house? Who will handle your affairs? What are your health care wishes? We are not lawyers, but we help guide you through the process, coordinating it with other parts of your financial plan.  


Tax Planning & Investing

Are you being proactive regarding taxes? Or reactive? We don’t prepare your taxes, but we make sure you are taking a proactive approach to your taxes and investments. Minimizing taxes both in and out of retirement will help you keep more of what you earn and get you to your happy place sooner.

Investing & Risk Management

Do your investments match your ability to take on risk? Willingness to take on risk? Do you need risk to get the return needed to reach your goals? We will not only match your investments with your risk tolerance but will educate you on an ongoing basis, so you understand the role of risk. If you ignore your 401k during a COVID-type episode, it will be out of understanding and not fear. This behavioral coaching will make your financial journey more enjoyable and get you to your happy place sooner.

College Planning

How did it get so expensive? With its cost going up 2-3x more than everything else, including wages, it is less and less affordable. To keep your child from having life-changing student loan debt requires more planning than ever, especially if you want to get to your happy place sooner.


Investment Management on the Betterment

or TD Ameritrade Platforms

1%  –  First $500,000

0.75%. –  Next $500,000

0.40% – Next $1,000,000

0.20% - Above $2,000,000

Minimum of $500,000

Held-away assets may sometimes count toward minimum

Additional fees may apply to held-away assets

Fee example for accounts:


Tier 1 = $500,000 x 1% = $5,000

Tier 2 = $500,000 x 0.75% = $3,750

Total annual fee = $8,750

Total quarterly fee = $2,187

Quarterly AUM = 0.22%

Annual average AUM% = 0.875%

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