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Work with us to help your high-school-age child graduate college with manageable student loans, while limiting the effect on your retirement.
Financial Planning For Parents With College Bound Children

Sona Wealth will help your family balance its many competing goals.

One-Hour College Planning with Sona Wealth is ideal for families with college-bound students. Students from 9th grade to early college will benefit most from this package.

  • Robust college planning software access

  • Ideas to increase need-based aid

  • Student loan projection and analysis

  • 4-year college budget

  • Funding gap analysis

  • College savings strategy

  • Everything included in the one-hour planning, plus:

  • Financial planning software portal

  • Financial goals planning

  • Net worth statement

  • Retirement projection

  • Scenario testing

  • Basic Social Security projection

  • Basic Medicare projection

  • Next steps and plan for college funding

Extended College Planning with Sona Wealth is ideal for families with college-bound students that want more detailed college planning than the one-hour engagement and also want some light retirement planning. ​

Includes 3 Planning Meetings:
1) Goal Setting & Data Gathering
2) Walk Through Initial Plan and Ideas
3) Final Full College Plan & Light Retirement Plan


One-Hour College Planning


1 hour virtual meeting

1 hour analysis & a summary of the meeting

Extended College Planning


Ideal for parents of high school students that need a more detailed college plan,

but also want to see how college might affect their retirement.

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Start Planning For Your Future.